What is financial planning?

Financial planning is the process of preparing the roadmap to enable achievement of your financial goals through proper management of your finances.
The process is initiated by understanding your financial situation and leads to setting of your financial goals. The planner then looks into your income, expenditure pattern, risk profiling, cash flows, asset allocation, existing investments, insurances, assets and liabilities, etc and suggests you an appropriate strategy to enable you to achieve all your financial goals in a planned manner with routine monitoring.
Financial planning is an ongoing process since income/ expenditure, social and economic factors keeps changing over one’s lifetime and there could be a course correction required in between. At times people’s dreams and aspirations also change over time due to which regular monitoring and review with the financial planner becomes mandatory.


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    The Financial Planning activity involves calculating the total cost of each type of resource.
    Handling every aspect of your financial life, and allowing you unlimited consultations.
    You are welcome to meet or call us as often as you would like to discuss any topics of concern. While we typically meet face to face a few times a year to prepare your tax return and update your financial plan, we may meet as often as necessary for you to feel comfortable with your progress toward your financial goals.

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