About us

Proficient Financial Planning is a FEE based advisory firm started by Mr. Steven Fernandes CFPCM in September 2009. Prior to this Mr. Fernandes has been in the financial services business namely managing insurance and investment portfolio’s in his independent capacity since 2001.

We cater to a diverse set of clients from salaried to business owners. We have drawn several financial plans for clients and are therefore capable of understanding the unique requirements of each individual/ family and thereby provide appropriate advice. 

Mr. Fernandes also regularly writes in the media especially in newspapers such as Business standard & India Today. He regularly contributes articles to Moneycontrol website. He is also empaneled with the " Consumer Guidance Society of India" to conduct financial literacy programmes and has covered nearly 5000 college students in Mumbai & Thane under these programmes.

He has also conducted corporate training and investor education programmes in the area of Financial Literacy, Investment management, Financial Planning, etc in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Belgaum. 

Currently we cater to clients all over the country and abroad from our Thane office. We also have a regional office in Mangalore, Karnataka.


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  4. I read ur planning for the Luis's in the business standard. I find ur conclusions surprising to say the least. Also very naive.
    You expect the couple to be able to manage 20 years in retirement in just 83lacs. You should normally not consider the self occupied house.
    In any case , if u make a simple excel and compound inflation annually u will find that funds required are far in excess of this.

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